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An edge in the market place

Gender parity and inclusion is good for everyone: women, men and business. When your people feel listened to, valued and respected, it lights a fire that fuels growth at every level, so everyone wins.

Increase productivity

Shine unlocks self-belief and resilience in your people. It makes them feel like a winning team with focus. Giving them more energy, motivation and hunger to drive your business forward.

Deeper connections

Being equal means being caring, supportive and helping the rest of the team succeed. Shine unleashes the power of the collective to drive positive change through the business.

A more human culture

Never underestimate the power of understanding. When your people have deeper empathy across departments and at different levels of management, your whole organisation works more effectively. After all, you’re not a machine responding to commands, you’re a team of dedicated individuals working together with a common purpose.

Gender parity

Since 2013, we’ve supported 15,000 women, their managers and teams in more than 75 countries, helping them find the clarity, confidence and connection to transform their careers and lives. When they come back from our programmes there is a positive shift and the business benefits. From salaries to seats on the board, levelling the playing field puts talent and fresh ideas to the forefront.

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increase in the number of women on the board from 5% to 35% within three years

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Some clients have promoted 30% of senior female delegates within nine months

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94% of women feel more confident, with a bigger vision for themselves

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95% of women feel more empowered to lead change within their organisation

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Woman writing in We Are Shine weareshine notebook
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Men, you are not the problem

You’re really not. Even if it feels like it at times. Excluding you from the conversation is.

For us, equality means exactly that – being equal and building a culture that values differences, collaboration and understanding. We include all line managers in the conversations. In fact, some of our biggest supporters endorsers and DEI promoters, have been enlightened male CEO’s.