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We Are Shine weareshineWe Are Shine weareshineWe Are Shine weareshine

The Shine Experience

We pride ourselves on our partnerships

When we begin a new partnership, we design a cadence and depth that works for you. This is based on our proven formula of success and your specific needs. Every partnership is a collaboration, a shared journey and a chance for all of us  to learn.

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Shine For Women

Get confident on the inside. This two day, in-person experience is designed to build confidence, clarity and connection in women.

Delegates are challenged and coached to reconnect to their core values and rediscover their personal competitive advantage. By resolving issues they get past what is holding them back. They leave with a bigger vision and a plan for their professional and personal lives, full of self-belief and excitement. Women are energised to play a bigger game. They  actively set their sights on achieving greater seniority, owning their careers, and taking control of their futures.

Coming into Shine I wanted to be clearer on what my next steps were in terms of my career. Shine helped me to clarify my thinking around my future career. I have since been promoted into the role of Managing Director.

Nicola Marsh, Managing Director, Mediacom Manchester

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Be more influential on the outside. Women learn how to build their power, presence and influence on the people and systems around them.

Over the course of two days, delegates will discover scientifically proven techniques used by professional broadcasters and performers that they can adopt in their day-to-day lives. They leave with a clear understanding on how to authentically influence different audiences and have greater impact on the world. They will find their authentic professional voice and will use their presence to be more impactful. You will see greater progression of your mid-level women, who no longer want to ‘stay small’.

Participating in Spark enabled me to feel comfortable being confident, using my voice, and owning that. When I'm in meetings I'm not being held back from speaking up by fear. I've already seen this have a positive impact at work.

Melissa Thomas, Senior leader, investment banking

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SHine for teams

Working with teams of men and women, we make them stronger by bringing them closer and building empathy.

Working with teams of men and women, we help them to understand where gender differences might be creating blind spots. We open up honest conversations that drive personal and collective growth. By focusing on rebuilding their alliance, teams eliminate toxic negativity, enabling them to speak candidly about their experiences and challenges, thereby devising new and energising protocols to live and work by as a team.

I’ve done many team sessions before and the two I had with Shine have been the most genuine and helpful. They are experts in creating a setting where people can be open, honest and you really feel like you can get at the heart of problems and you don’t have to beat around the bush.

STUART hogue, VP/GM, Nike North America

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SHine for Inclusion

Applying practical tools, based on neuroscience, line managers can become more modern and progressive leaders.

Our conversations with business leaders have evolved from  'Why gender equality?’ to 'What do we need to do for women?'. Now the focus is, 'How can we accelerate progress by involving everyone?’. By championing others and making empathy a habit leaders can drive inclusion, benefiting both women and men. It causes culture to evolve which results in more opportunities opening up to women. Subsequently men in leadership roles feel rewarded for being future-proof leaders and participating in the journey to equality. Both men and women need to feel included to create a safe space to learn and improve quality of life.

Champions helped me take my manager hat off and put my people hat on. It unlocked game-changing conversations with my team.

Amy Oliver, Chief People Officer, AKQA

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Where do you want to be and What is holding you back? How can we change that together?

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